deluxe pontoon trailer

  • This is our premium pontoon trailer with upgraded features that a customer wants and needs at a great price
  • Available in all sizes

Standard Equipment

  • All Welded Frame
  • Water Proof, Recessed, LED Lights
  • Guide On Bunks for Boat
  • Ultra-lube Axle
  • Side Tongue Jack
  • Adjustable Bow Stand with Hand Rail & Steps
  • Carpeted Bunks
  • 10" Tires

Available Options

  • Plastic Bunk Covers
  • Tube Frame
  • Tri-Toon Support
  • Any Color Frame
  • Swing Away Tongue
  • Galvanized Frame and Wheels
  • Spare Tire and Mount
  • Radial Tires
  • 13" & 14" Tires
  • Surge & Disc Brake Axles

*These are just  a few of our  options, please contact us  to discuss exactly what you need 

Model: PTS24T-14

  • Options: Tube Frame, 2x4 Plastic Bunk Covers, 14" Tires

Model: PTS23-13

  • Options:  2x6 Plastic Bunk Covers, 13" Tires

Model: PTS23-13

  • Options: 2x6 Plastic Bunk Covers, 13" Tires